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“In-house website updating that’s now easy and simple thanks to no code or low code tech,” says entrepreneur Jordan Richards, 25, who founded RCCO four years ago.

“Building that in removes the technical barriers to managing straightforward content tasks. It enables agile development of non-technical teams and empowers brands.

“Their site can constantly grow and that frees up company spending so it can focus on new features, optimising visits and sales, and handling complex updates.”

Now London-based RCCO, which has almost achieved equal gender split among its in-house team of 20, expects a £1.5million turnover for this year.

It sits in the deep tech space working globally with more than 50 technology companies, many supplying software services and advertising tech, as well as titans like Google.

Other clients include smaller businesses wanting to boost sales and scale in sectors such as health, social purpose and female-led technology.

“We’re a tight knit studio and in these days of reduced spending more are seeing the sense of working with an efficient small agency with specialist skills,” declares Richards, a former Google apprentice and a firm supporter of non-standard talent.

“Software-as-a-service providers are our core clients,” he explains. “We help them excel and grow working with them as a bolt-on creative team across their branding, website and marketing content such as apps, video, animation and presentations, including investment pitches.

“Engineers can then concentrate on building product – where the IP value is. It makes more of developers’ resources.”

Also in the RCCO group are its video production division Wild, with clients such as PureGym, which specialising in fitness, outdoor and education, and the latest Ramp, which supports scale-ups with no code websites and landing pages.

“We use the Webflow pre-built solution and Layer, a product we have made from scratch for larger brands,” says Jordan. “Both enable a no code approach. Once set up the client has ownership and can grow without the need for a developer.

“Even mega brands like Google have limited internal creative resources and they outsource to specialists. That’s why we have collaborated with them across sales and marketing while they, for example, concentrate on Gmail and Google Maps.”

Among RCCO’s other work for big tech brands has been the creation of internal systems for greater efficiency.

“An event management system now enables sales teams to request workshops for clients and provides a great experience. It was built bespoke for the business and can flag capacity by the day based on bookings and availability,” adds Richards.

“Then there has been a growth app providing tailored training solution and a custom content management system that enables internal teams to create their own website content. It was compliant with all policies, but also enabled speed and ease of use for non-technical employees.”

RCCO’s own expansion has come from reinvesting profits to grow “at a confident” pace” and its wider team works across Europe and west Africa.

Now the company is looking to leverage its app building experience for others and launch joint venture collaborations leading to a pipeline of new apps.

Extending apprenticeship opportunities is another goal. “We don’t invest in talent based on educational background,” says Richards. “We look for ambition.”

“And always be nice,” he adds. “Go above and beyond – it will never let you down.”

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