Over 50s influencer shares style that makes women look ‘frumpy’

When it comes to fashion the most important thing is feeling confident and loving what you wear. However, according to one influencer, there are some clothing items that simply don’t do anyone any favours. Angela Masson took to her YouTube channel Fashion Over 50 to share why older ladies should avoid wearing baggy bottoms and baggy tops together in order to and less “frumpy”.

Angela suggested that women over 50 should avoid pairing oversized garments with other oversized garments.

There’s nothing wrong with a loose, cosy jumper or loose, baggy trousers – in fact, these can be rather chic.

However according to the influencer, pairing them together makes for a very “frumpy” ensemble.

Instead, she suggested that women pair their oversized tops and jumpers with slim-fit bottoms, and baggy, shapeless bottoms with fitted tops.

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She told women that to avoid looking “frumpy”, they should steer clear of wearing “oversized on the top and on the bottom”.

She implied that it shows a lack of confidence because it “looks like you’re really trying to hide stuff – which you probably are”.

Feeling self-conscious about certain parts of the body is normal but this doesn’t mean hiding away is the answer.

It’s possible for women to flatter their figures whilst also disguising areas they deem to be a problem.

She offered a solution which does not require women to ditch any of their oversized items.

She said: “If you’re going to wear a baggier top, how about trying to wear pants that are skinny jeans, leggings, something that gives your legs more shape.”

Angela explained that women can still opt for a longer top if they want to cover their tummy, bum or thighs, but the slimmer-fit trousers give some “definition” to the legs.

In a similar vein, baggy, oversized trousers should be paired with more “fitted” tops to highlight the waist area.

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Mature women flocked to the comments to praise Angela’s ant-ageing, “frump” fighting tips.

Maryann said: “I agree with your frumpy items. Even my 94 year old mom doesn’t wear Velcro shoes.”

Tricia Peringer said: “Angela, I think this was the most real and honest video to fight the frump.”

Judy Slanga added: “I am 70 and I really try to be cognisant of style in the more classic sense. I agree with all your dumpy outfits.

“I notice that many people as they age get in a time warp! No! No! No! Stay fresh, keep yourself informed and current. It takes more knowledge than money to be stylish.”

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