Prince Harry would ‘roar with laughter’ with Kate Middleton – but not since ‘escape to US’

38, is sitting down with Tom Bradby tonight in a highly publicised interview. Before moving to America with Meghan Markle in 2020, the Duke of Sussex was very close to his sister-in-law,

However, since leaving the Royal Family Harry has described himself as formerly being “trapped” in the institution.

Judi James, a professional body language expert, spoke to about Harry’s relationship with the Prince and Princess of Wales before the reported rift began.

She said: “It was sad to hear Harry describing himself as having been ‘trapped’ during his life as a royal. Of all the members of the Firm, he was always the one appearing to have the best time and the most fun.

“His humour was unique to him, not something that needed prompting from locations or even the company he was in.

“Harry’s really impish, naughty grin appeared to be all his own work and he took it with him relentlessly, making even the most sour-faced royals join in and catch his very infectious mood.”

According to the expert, Kate really reacted well to Harry’s “infectious mood”.

Judi explained: “We could see Kate literally roaring with laughter in his company and although she clearly has a sense of fun herself, it was often hidden behind a desire to get everything right in public in terms of regal behaviour.

“His ‘banter’ with William was legendary and Harry always looked like the perfect wingman for a brother destined to have the weight of the world on his shoulders in his future role as King.


“Harry’s ability to drop the grown-up stuff and act like a child himself made him the perfect representative when his visits entailed meeting young people, but since then he has implied his life was less fun-filled and perfect than it looked.”

Judi expanded on how his body language has been “impacted” since his “escape to the US”.

She continued: “Since his ‘escape’ to the US it is easy to see how much this epiphany has impacted his body language.

“The grin appears now and again, but the Harry we see now tends to be resolutely grown-up and full of serious concerns and responsibilities.

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“His approach now tends to be as a global player and his status signals as a campaigner has risen accordingly.”

According to Judi, this has something to do with being a father of two.

She added: “Fatherhood seems to have caused a new air of maturity as well and when he lectures the world it is with the air of an expert or guru.

“He looks adamant about having no regrets and his body language and verbal tone often seem to imply he has risen above the role of Prince and that he has gained rather than lost from his decision to quit.

“From a playful, loveable young man who was never known for his intellectual chops, he now speaks and adopts the more serious body language of a man who describes himself as ‘convening’ with world leaders.

“Harry seems to be showing us that he has taken the right path, moving onward and upward in terms of power and influence to ‘make the world a better place’ while his brother remains ‘trapped’ by his life as a royal.

“The younger son who was destined to live in his brother’s shadow seems to believe that he has found a way to create a bigger profile on a world stage and with his freedom intact.”

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