Princess Beatrice broke tradition at wedding with bouquet – different from other brides

Only 20 people attended the intimate wedding of and in Windsor. The Princess kept some aspects of a traditional royal ceremony, including stunning floral arrangements among them.

In one way, Beatrice did depart from custom by putting colour in her bouquet. Many royal brides in the recent past have chosen all-white bouquets.

Notably, the bridal bouquets of Kate, Meghan Markle, and Princess Eugenie were all monochromatic.

Beatrice’s bouquet, however, made a statement by including a predominantly pink arrangement.

However, it’s possible the Princess took after her mother, Sarah Ferguson, who had yellow flowers in her bridal bouquet in 1986.

Over the years, the wedding bouquet has been a distinctive element among royal brides.

Princess Beatrice’s rendition had pink o’hara garden roses, trailing jasmine, pale pink and cream sweet peas, royal porcelain ivory spray roses, pink wax flowers, and baby pink astilbe.

Even the flowery archway that had been erected at the chapel entry in honour of the special day complemented the bouquet.

The Princess followed a royal custom that stretches back to the bridal bouquet of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert’s eldest daughter, also named Victoria, in 1858 by including sprigs of myrtle in her bouquet.

Myrtle has come to be associated with marriage in bridal bouquets, and Princess Eugenie, Kate Middleton, and even the late Queen Elizabeth all used sprigs of it in their arrangements.

The July flower, delphiniums, were also included in the floral canopy arrangement.

A wise decision given that July will always be associated with this couple’s wedding, which took place on July 17, 2020.

Patrice Van Helden, a co-owner of RVH Floral Design, created Princess Beatrice’s floral arrangement.

RVH has experience with royal weddings because they created the flowers for Princess Eugenie’s nuptials as well.

Princess Beatrice continued another royal wedding custom after her ceremony by delivering her bouquet to the Tomb of the Unknown Warrior at Westminster Abbey.

This tradition began with Lady Elizabeth Bowles Lyon, who would later become the Queen Mother.

The bride lay her bouquet on the monument as a memorial to her brother Fergus, who was killed in World War I, after her 1923 wedding to the future King George VI. Since then, royal brides have imitated this kind act.

Another heartwarming gesture was the fact that Princess Beatrice’s wedding gown once belonged to Queen Elizabeth. It was created by Norman Hartnell and was altered for her special day in 2020.

Organza and Peau De Soie taffeta were used to make the dress, while Duchess satin was used for the trim.

In the 20th century, Hartnell was a highly sought-after designer who the Windsors frequently used.

In addition to Princess Margaret’s wedding attire and other significant royal clothes, he designed Queen Elizabeth’s wedding gown and Coronation gown.

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