Princess Michael of Kent wedding dress: Royal wore two outfits

In Austria, tied the knot with Prince Michael of Kent in a civil ceremony on June 30, 1978.

The wedding had to be a civil ceremony as the Princess is a Catholic and was also previously married to another man.

This marriage was later annulled in 1978 just before her wedding to .

At the civil ceremony, the Princess, whose real name is Marie-Christine, wore a cream two-piece suit by Hardy Amies.

The suit was a blazer and knee-length skirt combination, which looked absolutely elegant on Princess Michael.

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The royal wore chic heels, pearl earrings and a pearl necklace to complete her look, as well as curling her hair into a 1970s-style bouffant.

The new Princess wore no tiara for her actual wedding, despite popular belief that she wore the City of London diamond fringe tiara.

The majority of pictures from Princess Michael of Kent’s wedding do show the royal wearing this grand tiara and a lace wedding dress.

However, these pictures are actually from a ball that was held after the wedding ceremony for Prince and Princess Michael of Kent.

This is why Princess Michael wore two wedding outfits in 1978 – a two-piece suit for the marriage ceremony, and a gorgeous lace dress for the reception afterwards.

After getting married, the couple celebrated at a wedding ball at the Schwarzenberg Palace where the bride wore a diadem that formerly belonged to Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent.

The City of London diamond fringe tiara, as it is known, is estimated to be worth a whopping £3million.

This famous Kent family heirloom is a gold and silver tiara with a diamond set in the style of a Russian tiara.

It was worn by the new Princess Michael of Kent with a cream dress by Bellville Sassoon that was very appropriate for the period.

The full-length dress had a high neckline that the bride draped with strands of pearls, long sleeves with intricate cuffs, and was covered in lace.

Princess Michael completed her wedding ensemble with Princess Marina’s Kent Diamond Circle Earrings.

Her £3million tiara was most recently worn by her daughter Lady Gabriella Windsor at her wedding in 2019.

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