Queen Camilla has taken years off with ‘antioxidant’ food that makes you ‘look younger’

Dawn Attewell, a registered aesthetics nurse prescriber and safety advocate, commented that Camilla, Queen Consort, “always looks flawless” despite the fact that she is always on the go now with more official engagements than ever due to her new role within the Royal Family.

Dawn said: “I’m sure she has an impeccable skincare regime and a cupboard full of trusted medical-grade beauty products that help her banish signs of ageing.”

Alongside beauty treatments, the skin expert claimed that the Queen Consort may treat her skin well with a varied and balanced diet.

She may include anti-ageing foods in her daily meal plan, such as “antioxidant-rich fruit and vegetables” to prevent wrinkles.

Foods containing antioxidants, which play a huge role in skin health, are nuts, seeds, berries and leafy green vegetables, mainly.

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Foods rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, such as salmon, sardines, herring and mackerel, also prevent the signs of ageing.

In terms of nail care, some colours can draw attention to signs of ageing on the hands and others can make the hands look younger, according to experts.

During a recent interview with a fashion publication, the then Duchess of Cornwall admitted to wearing press-on nails.

She also explained she sadly lost some doing one of her favourite hobbies: “I did have some [press-on] nails, but I lost them all gardening yesterday.


“I would do a bit of gardening, go for a walk and then I’d sit down and read a book. It would be my idea of heaven, in the quiet of the countryside, where you can generally relax and properly think,” she told British Vogue.

Press-on nails are artificial nails that are placed on top of the natural nails with glue and can be easily removed anytime after use.

Although it is not known if Camilla still wears press-on nails since becoming Queen, it is believed she may opt for natural and royal-appropriate colours.

Nail experts at Bebeautiful explained that “lighter hues like powder pink, salmon and blush pink can take a few years off and give a youthful appeal”.

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“This refreshingly muted colour looks best on long and almond-shaped nails,” they explained.

Colette Keenan, butter LONDON national field manager, added that for “younger-looking hands, orange or peach-based hues work best”.

Queen Elizabeth’s favourite nail polish was Ballet Slippers from Essie and the royal protocol reportedly states that female members of the Royal Family are only allowed to use nude or neutral colours.

Daena Borrowman, a marketing manager at jewellerybox told Express.co.uk: “Royal women are not permitted to wear bright or dark nail paint on their fingernails. Only nude shades, sheer whites and light pinks are allowed.”

Sarah Gibson Tuttle, founder and CEO of Olive & June, commented: “The Royal Family tends to favour sheer, neutral shades on shorter, squoval-shaped nails.

“It’s a super-classic, clean look. It looks timeless and royal-appropriate. While we’ve all heard rumours of rules, I know royal nails are always pretty, polished, and perfectly manicured.”

Dawn opined that Camilla may also wear SPF on a daily basis and always apply it before her makeup.

Using SPF every day, even during the winter months, prevents premature skin ageing such as wrinkles, and reduces the risk of skin cancer.

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