Queen Camilla ‘walks in King Charles’s shadow’ in Germany – body language expert claims

, 74, and , 75, touched down in Berlin today where they met the President and First Lady of Frank-Walter Steinmeier and Elke Buedenbender.

Given the fact that Prince Harry, 38, just arrived in the UK for a , and the King and Queen Consort’s recent trip to France had to be postponed, it is likely that the couple had a lot on their minds when they stepped off the plane in Berlin.

Judi James, a professional body language expert, spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk to explain how the couple controlled their emotions and actions.

She said: “On this first state visit of his reign, King Charles seemed keen to define the kind of body language dynamic we will see from both him as King, and also him and Camilla as the new King and Queen of the UK.

“His walk may be less steady and fluid than before, but Charles is still a man happily taking centre place in the spotlight, soaking up all the attention and interest with an air of genial confidence.”

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Judi argues that King Charles still uses the same “rituals” he has used for many years as a royal.

She continued: “The self-comfort anxiety rituals that have been a feature of his body language his entire life were still there.

“But they seemed truncated and limited to a few pats of his overcoat pocket during tenser moments when he seemed uncertain about the choreography of the event.”

The body language expert explained that King Charles was happy to be receiving attention for his achievements, and not for those around him.

Judi continued: “He seemed to feed off the crowds during the walkabout, looking happier and more relaxed as he realised they were there to see him as King Charles, rather than as Diana’s husband or even Harry’s father.”

During the walkabout, King Charles engaged in a “natural and un-stuffy” gesture that looked similar to his late ex-wife, Princess Diana, according to the expert.

Judi explained: “One fan gave him a bunch of tulips and when another man’s baseball cap fell off Charles bent down to retrieve it.

“This was the kind of gesture that would have got Diana, Kate and Meghan headlines for being natural and un-stuffy.”

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“While Charles chatted and used animated gestures, Camilla tended to walk in his shadow with her arms rigidly down at her sides.

“Her eyes were often fixed on Charles and when he stopped she would pull up behind him as though standing to attention,” the expert added.

Queen Camilla donned a turquoise coat and dress by Bruce Oldfield, as well as a Philip Treacy hat.

Queen Elizabeth II formerly owned the brooch that Camilla was wearing, which was a sweet gesture from the Queen Consort.

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