Real reason Elvis found it so hard to be alone unveiled by close relative and confidant | Music | Entertainment

Initially, Jo said: “I don’t know. He always liked to have somebody with him.” Before Billy chimed in with the reason, revealing: “His success came quick and his mother died…the things you think about when you’re alone… The less he had to think about that better he felt. So I think he had someone with him as much as he could.”

The King’s mother Gladys Presley died just a couple of years into his fame in 1958, leaving him devastated. Billy continued: “Even when he was in his bedroom he always had somebody there. Now there were times that Elvis was alone for several days. It wasn’t like he constantly had to have somebody, but he preferred it.”

Jo said how people often point out the star spending days in his bedroom, but she dispelled one rumour surrounding this.

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