‘Seriously easy’ ponytail trick which makes women ‘look younger’ in seconds

YouTube channel fabulous50s is a platform for women over 50 who want to “take their health, lifestyle and vitality into their own hands’”. 

In a video entitled ‘Seriously EASY Ponytail Trick To Look Younger’, Schellea Fowler offered a simple solution to saggy skin.

Many women opt for ‘tweakments’ such as thread lifts or filler to make the face appear more , but Schellea’s is a more instant – and cheap – fix.

The influencer stated: “We’re just going to take our hair into a high ponytail, and the reason high ponytails look so great on older women is because it lifts”.

She explained that the focus becomes the top of the head, “which lifts everything for our beautiful faces that are going south”.

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She instructed older women to take their hair into a ponytail and with the hair secured in one hand, use a hairbrush to brush the front section of the hair forward so it’s not flat on the head. Then, secure the ponytail with a hair elastic.

The influencer explained that over the course of the day the ponytail might drop and the hair at the crown of the head might become flatter – if you don’t use her clever hack.

Grab a claw clip and place it at the base of the ponytail so that the hair flips over the clip, giving it “height”.

Next, Schellea told women to use a thin comb to gently pull the hair at the crown of the head, “for a little bit of volume at the front”.

She said it was perfect for those with thinner, finer hair, as the effect of the claw clip is that the hair appears more “voluminous”.

Next, take a small chunk of hair from the ponytail and wrap it around the front of the claw clip so it covers it, pinning it at the base, and repeat on the other side.

Then, use a comb to tease the ponytail a little, adding extra height, volume and texture, before adding hairspray to any baby or frizzy hairs.

“And there you have it, a very simple, easy ponytail. It looks like you have way more volume than  what you do.”

It’s the perfect alternative to a “boring old ponytail”, and makes a “huge difference” to the face – “it just gives you that lift, it’s all an illusion”.

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