Skincare: I put Boots’ viral £5 Squalane cleanser to the test – review

As a skincare enthusiast, I love testing new products which promise to leave my skin feeling healthy, hydrated, glowing and soft. It’s no surprise then, that when Boots‘ own-brand skincare line began to blow up on TikTok, boasting price points as little as £4.00, I was keen to see if it produced results.

The Boots Ingredients line, which vows to “allow you to personalise your skincare regime without breaking the bank”, includes skincare favourites such as vitamin C, Retinol, Niacinamide and Bakuchiol. All of the products are also vegan and cruelty-free.

The Squalene Cleaner is one product in particular which has received rave reviews from skincare professionals online. Anti-ageing and skin specialist Dr Jo Ward from Vitalize Clinic reviewed the product in a video on her TikTok page saying: “Squalene is deeply hydrating, so great for skin repair.”

Similarly, cosmetic chemist Chareé, who runs the TikTok page @cchareesbeauty, reviewed the product saying she “prefers this to The Ordinary’s version.”

She added: “This is a five out of five for me.” Some of the perks of the product, she said, included a gentle non-stripping formula and hydrating results making it “ideal as a morning cleanse or a second cleanse.”

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What is the Boots’ Ingredients Squalene Cleanser like to use?

The Squalene Cleanser comes in simple packaging, like the rest of the range. The box is an aesthetically pleasing pale pink, with directions and ingredients clearly printed on the front.

Like many affordable skincare brands these days, Boots opts to keep packaging minimal in order to put most of the cost into developing the product.

On opening, the cleanser doesn’t have much of a smell, which might be a bonus for those who are sensitive to scented products. I quite liked this as it meant it didn’t feel overpowering when combined with other products in my skincare routine.

The product is lightweight and easy to massage onto the face, without leaving any residue. Upon washing it off, my skin didn’t feel tight and I experienced no irritation.

As I was trialling the product during the cold, dry winter, I was pleased to find that it did exactly as it claimed, leaving my skin feeling hydrated.

However, after two weeks of using the product once a day, I didn’t really notice any other differences in my skin. I found that the product did not seem to be enough to remove my makeup on its own, but it is great to use as a cleanser after first removing makeup with micellar water or a dedicated cosmetics removal product.

Final impressions of Boots’ Ingredients Squalene Cleanser

Overall, I was happy with the Squalene Cleanser and for such a reasonable cost, it makes a great alternative to high-end brands. I felt the product did what it said in terms of hydration by leaving my skin feeling refreshed.

I love that the product is not only free from animal testing, but is also vegan-friendly, and the minimalist packing means it blends in well on my skincare shelf.

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