Skincare mistake which can ‘damage skin irreversibly’ – dermatologist warning

Skincare is an essential part of keeping your skin looking fresh and can even create a more youthful appearance. However, there are some common mistakes which could be “damaging” your skin, according to celebrity dermatologist and aesthetic doctor Dr Elif Benar (@DrElifBenar).

Applying multiple skincare oils and serums is all the rage on social media at the moment. Known as “cocktailing”, it sees people combine products to create their own specific concoction for their skin and often leaves the face with a glowy appearance.

Many people believe that adding up all of these special ingredients will give the absolute best results for your skin. However, while the trend might be taking off online, Dr Elif warns that overdoing it could be worse for your skin. She told “The common mistake is to mix too many products and choose non-medical grade beauty products.

“This might cause damage to your skin irreversibly and you should ask your dermatologist to create your bespoke skincare routine.”

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While it might be tempting to load up on skincare products, your skin can only absorb so much and at some point, it can become oversaturated.

Most skincare products, and serums, in particular, contain active ingredients which when applied in excess can run the risk of irritation. As well as shaving down how many products you are using on a daily basis, Dr. Elif also recommends skipping some steps altogether.

“Most people love toners, but as a dermatologist, we don’t recommend a toner,” she said. “We always skip it on our skincare routine.”

Instead, Dr. Elif said: “Simple is the best.” This means finding skincare products that do the absolute most for your skin’s specific needs and using products together which complement one another.

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“I recommend my Anti-Ageing Super Serum which contains hyaluronic acid to stimulate collagen,” continued Dr Elif. “And my Professional Vitamin C Serum to protect from sun damage.

“It is a powerful antioxidant and it reduces hyperpigmentation, to help brighten the skin. Vitamin C serum in the morning, anti-ageing serum in the evening daily. Perfect.”

As well as tailored skincare products, however, Dr. Elif says the best anti-ageing products are the most simple and protective. “Sunscreen is the key to reducing sun damage that shows the ageing most,” she said.

“I would recommend the Dr. Elif Mineral Sunscreen to help reduce signs of ageing. This should be applied every three to four hours for effective results.”

Being selective about the products in your skincare artillery will not only protect your skin, but it can also save you from spending money on unnecessary lotions and serums.

Skincare products to cut out of your skincare routine


As Dr Elif pointed out, many dermatologists do not incorporate a toner into their routine. Toner was originally created to remove whatever was left behind from your makeup after cleansing and to balance skin pH.

As products have improved over time, most face cleansers are now pH balanced and good at removing every last bit of makeup, meaning toners are no longer an essential step.

However, certain toners with added extras can have additional skin benefits and may be good for people who have certain areas they want to target. A slightly acidic toner, for example, can help to get rid of dead skin cells and rebuild the skin barrier.

Eye cream

Former beauty industry worker Sarah Palmyra, who shares insider skincare reviews and tips with an audience of 151K followers on Youtube, explained that people trying to sell you eye cream raises a “red flag” in her mind.

She explained: “If someone tells me I need an eye cream that’s a red flag and I feel like they’re just trying to sell me something. I love eye cream but it’s defiantly not a necessity.

“Sunscreen, retinol, hydrating serums will go such a long way you may not ever want [an eye cream].”

Anything that leaves your skin burning

While some people might think you need to feel a product in order to know whether or not it is working, Sarah says this is not true.

“Anyone who tells you if it’s burning it means it’s working. Red flag,” she said. “It should tingle at the most and even then you should be careful. Anything that’s warming is probably giving you some kind of irritation, especially if you’re sensitive.”

If you are noticing more than a gentle tingle on your skin, it’s time to cut out that product.

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