Sophie Countess of Wessex was ‘grim-faced’ at Prince Harry & Meghan Markle’s wedding

When Bishop Michael Curry preached at and wedding back in 2018, the gave some hilarious reactions. Heavily pregnant Zara Tindall at the time stared open-mouthed, while Queen Camilla and Kate Middleton giggled beside each other.

“Charles looked every inch the happy dad, being more tactile and more relaxed than usual with his wife as well as an enthusiastic host for Meghan’s mother .

“If anything, Charles’ body language suggested his enjoyment of the wedding was only topped by the utterly joyful bride and groom’s.

“Charles is always at his best when he is close to the centre of attention and walking with his very beautiful daughter-in-law Meghan seemed to tick that box for him.”

Judi elaborated on how the rest of the Royal Family felt at the for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.


She opined: “Sitting beside her own father, Beatrice looked upbeat and playful and her suppressed, rounded-cheek smiles did look like a smirk at times but that fun was probably provided by Zara, sitting on the other side of the aisle.

was very pregnant and, despite arriving laughing happily with her husband , her discomfort at being wedged into a narrow pew became obvious.

“Her arms splayed out and she changed position several times while smiling across at her cousins and uncle. looked animated and happy, chatting and laughing with Camilla beside her.”

Judi gave a reason for who had the most surprising reaction during the entire wedding.

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She claimed: “In the group shot it is Camilla and Sophie who look a little dour, with the normally sparking Sophie sitting hunched and grim-faced in the pew behind Camilla, close to a rather haughty-looking .”

This was quite shocking, as Sophie is normally very bubbly, but she did look “grim-faced” during many viral moments of the wedding.

Judi expanded on how the best man, felt during the wedding.

She claimed: “For William there appeared to be some moments of what looked like a reflection in between the grins and signals of what looked like the normal shared humour and fun with his brother.

“We were shown what we expected at that time, i.e. a solid, affectionate and friendly double-act from William and Harry. Their body language did lack some of the energy and fun from William’s wedding.

“But as Harry was the best man there and able to keep the banter and the naughty grins stoked up, it wasn’t unexpected to see a shift in dynamic once Harry was the anxious and nervous-looking groom.

“Apart from a rather sad-looking expression in William’s eyes, there was little to suggest anything other than open affection for the intensely in-love couple from most of Meghan’s new family.

“The sense of open affection from the crowds outside seemed to seep into the chapel, making this a very happy and relaxed event for everyone apart from the squirming, uncomfortable Zara.”

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