Tesco and Morrisons shoppers outraged at £5 price tag for popular toothpaste brand

customers have criticised the retailer for hiking the price of certain toothpaste products by as much as 100 percent. Household favourites including Colgate’s whitening range are being sold for £5 in stores across the country, prompting an angry response from Britons struggling to contend with inflated and .

Colgate Max White Toothpaste (125ml) is currently being sold in Tesco stores for £5 – costing a staggering £4 per 100ml of the product.

Furious customers who shop with the supermarket giant have shared their outrage over the inflated cost which has increased by 100 percent.

Just weeks ago, the tubes were sold for £2.50 but have since soared in price, along with other versions of the whitening formula. The Colgate Max Fresh Blue and max White With Crystals are also being retailed for £5.

Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk, a Tesco spokesperson explained that while it may appear to be a price hike, the products have simply “come off promotion” after being sold at a discounted Clubcard rate.

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He noted that some Colgate toothpaste lines which were included in Clubcard Price offers have reverted to their normal, non-promotion price of £5.

There are however a number of Colgate lines still on Clubcard Prices, including Colgate Total Deep Clean 75ml at £2.50, which has a non-promotion price of £5.

Colgate Triple Action 75ml is also being sold in the supermarket for just 98p as part of their “Aldi Price Match”.

Nevertheless, shocked shoppers took to Twitter to share their reaction to the unexpected rise, with one person arguing that the supermarket has become generally more expensive for non-Clubcard holders.

While the cost has been implemented in most stores, shoppers with a Tesco Clubcard can pay a reduced rate for Colgate products.

Using the card slashes the price back down to £2.50 instead, allowing some room for savings.

According to the price comparison site Trolley.co.uk, Colgate Max White Crystals is also being sold for £5 in Morrisons, Asda and Waitrose.

However, bargain hunters can find the same tube for just £2 in Wilko or a higher price of £4.50 at Sainsbury’s.

The same applied to the Colgate Advanced White 125ml tube, which is cheapest in Asda, on Amazon, or through Ocado.

Current data from Trolley.co.uk shows that the product is being sold for a low price of £3.33 in Boots, though costs are higher in major supermarkets.

Sainsbury’s customers can purchase the product for £4.50, or for £5 in Tesco and Morrisons.

For the Max Fresh variety, Tesco remains the most expensive retailer, selling the product for £5, compared to £4 in Morrisons and £4.50 in Sainsbury’s.

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