Vintage Versace dress that cost £10 may be worth £8,000

One thrift-shop store enthusiast has taken the internet by storm after she found a rare Versace vintage dress. A Canadian clothes fanatic named Sarah has gone viral online with over 15 million views as commentators debate if she should keep the incredible find for herself or sell it, as it could be worth a lot of money.

Sarah is a Canadian clothes fanatic who enjoys scavenging for vintage clothes in thrift shops and posts her latest discoveries on her TikTok account @dunk.sarah. 

However, Sarah’s hobby may have just earned her a lot of money, as the fashionista has recently gone viral on social media after she found a vintage dress that may be worth over ten thousand dollars. In a TikYok video, Sarah filmed herself inside a thrift shop pointing to a rack and said: “I don’t want to be dramatic, but that over there…I am going to freak out.”

Gianni Versace was a famous Italian fashion designer who founded the international brand Versace and designed dresses for over twenty years. He is known for designing costumes for Elton John and Michael Jackson, as well as clothes for Diana, the Princess of Wales. The fashion designer was tragically killed in 1997 by the serial killer Andrew Cunanan, and while the fashion brand is still operated by Gianni’s sister, Donatella, vintage Versace clothes can be worth a lot of money.

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In Sarah’s video, a friend in the background can be heard saying “no way!” after Sarah explains that she has just found a vintage Versace dress. At the thrift store, Sarah says the historic designer dress has been priced at $17, which would be around $12 in American dollars or ten pounds in British money.

Sarah can be heard telling her friend the dress is “perfect” and “stunning” as she and her friend admire the rare clothing piece. However, it seems Sarah is afraid about the sizing of the dress, as she also said: “It looks small, I’m scared.”

In Sarah’s comment section, one savvy user recognised the dress as part of Gianni Versace’s 1992 spring and summer collection, and say it is a bustier lace bra evening gown with sheer panels which can be resold on the luxury online marketplace for over $9,800.

Sarah’s viewers begged her for an update on the dress, and Sarah has now posted two more videos assuring her fellow fashionistas that she bought the vintage dress.

She said: “I did buy the dress, of course, I bought the dress. I am an avid thrifter and if I see a designer piece, especially one that I am obsessed with, [I will buy it]. I have loved Gianni Versace for so long and their styles, especially from the nineties.”

Sarah also spoke out about the worth of the dress and said she is “sceptical” about the listings on the resales sites, as the dress she found has “different straps” to the pictures seen on other websites.

In another video posted one day ago, Sarah showed off what the dress looked like and has done her make-up and hair for the occasion, plus paired the dress with black tighs and silver pumps. Sarah modelled the dress and said it fits “pretty darn well.”

People were stunned and took to the comment section to express their admiration. One commentator said: “Rachel Green [from the sitcom Freinds] would be proud!”

One user said: “This is the thrift find of the century” while somebody else complimented Sarah and said: “It looks absolutely gorgeous on you!”

However, people in the comment section have been debating what Sarah should do with the dress. One popular comment by a user named Kristian with over 15 thousand likes said: “Girl don’t ever sell that. It looks like it was made for you.”

The next popular comment by a user named Mary disagreed, and with 12 thousand likes she said: “Girl do not keep it. It is going for $9,800 online. That’s a good chunk of change.”

Sarah has said she is “so happy” with her rare find. She said: “I will definitely be keeping it” and in the captions of one video, she wrote: “And just like that the dress is back in the vault aka my closet.”

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