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Culminating in a show at Camden’s KOKO on Friday night, they are ever the effortless crowd pleasers, and the sold out crowd is perfectly hyped.

With their brilliantly quirky song titles, they are idiosyncratic masters of the tongue in cheek comment. Their marketing and highly individual Instagram account are both informative and quirky with their comment on venue doors opening at 6pm: “If the opening of some doors is your favourite part of a live show, then no judgement here!”.

Keith is on classic form, quipping “Good to be back in London, as we always are” in what is a “Second home” for the band who have always enjoyed a rapturous welcome in the UK. Supporting their eighth album Lobes, the historic KOKO is a venue that the band have plenty of love for playing there again for the first time since its refurb.

A strong set opener of new song Lucky Just to Be Here from the new album leads into a rather unique anecdote about U2’s Larry Mullen Jr, an inflatable pillow and bees – “You can tell we wrote our own patter” jokes kooky frontman Keith Murray.

Early on in their swashbuckling set, they launch into their heady hit Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt, introducing the song by saying nostalgically that its “Just like the old days”, the crowd singing along to the infectious refrain “My body is your body, if you wanna use my body, go for it yeah” with fierce enthusiasm. New single Operator Error follows with its brilliantly hooky “Woah uh oh uh uh” chorus.

Bassist Chris takes to toasting the crowd with their own Lobes beer, described it as “A beautiful swill- not available in grocery stores”. As an act of diplomacy, Keith announced he was drinking local beer Camden Hells, lifting it aloft and clearly letting loose on the last night of their UK tour.

As always alongside their own beer, the band were offering unusual merchandise – with cat socks and We Are Scientists tarot cards for sale as well as the usual T- shirts and posters on their stand, causing quite a commotion on the way out.

Keith requested air horn and scratch board accompaniments from the audience for crowd pleaser Rules Don’t Stop, as the hits kept flowing with boundless energy. The Great Escape gets the crowd dizzy and screaming the hedonistic lyric “Time means nothing” back at the band.

After a brief pause the band bounded on stage for the encore, Keith exclaiming “We gave you long enough to understand what KOKO looks like without We Are Scientists- it’s dark!”, epitomising their madcap mantra perfectly. Dinosaurs starts the encore, with penultimate and old fan favourite This Scene is Dead and empathic closer Less From You from their latest album topping off a superb set from We Are Scientists tonight.

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