Woman divides opinion with ‘inappropriate’ wedding guest attire

An influencer and wedding day content creator divided opinions over her outfit choice for a recent wedding ceremony. Olivia Burrows Sutherland was told she was looking for “attention” in her maxi-skirt and crop top ensemble.

Olivia, who has more than 73,000 followers on TikTok, took to the sharing platform to ask fellow fashionistas for outfit advice for her friend’s wedding.

She said that she had two dresses in mind for the wedding but one wasn’t delivered on time and the other was long-sleeved – far too stifling for the 37 degree weather that was promised.

Deciding on a $525 (£429) rust-coloured maxi-skirt from Zimmermann, Olivia asked her followers which top she should pair it with, in keeping with the cocktail party dress code.

The first was a strappy black top and the second a beige bandeau.

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The influencer decided against the matching Zimmermann ruffled crop top, retailed at £450 as it was “a little too much for a wedding”.

Olivia was a little worried people would think the beige was “a little too close to white”, however it was the style of the top that seemed to bother people.

The stylish Zimmermann skirt, however, went down a treat with other TikTok users.

TikTok user @hbbear commented: “Skirt is stunning. Tops no. They were disappointing.”

@julieyoung32 said: “Top’s absolutely NOT appropriate for a wedding.”

@uriel said: “Skirt is lovely, both tops look like you’re going to the gym, underwhelming really! Shoes aren’t the best either.”

Over on Instagram, @newy_76 said: “You clearly only wore this for attention.”

Opinions were pretty divided and some loved the more relaxed look of them, with TikTok user @syreetakelly commenting that “the lighter option is GORGEOUS”.

@lorraine.171 said: “Love the beige, skirt is beautiful you look fab.”

@jennyblud was a big fan of the look: “The cream looks fab with all your hair and makeup done. On a hot day at a wedding the outfit is perfect.”

On Instagram, @thelifeofred said: “So glad you went with the cream top.”

In the end, Olivia went for the beige bandeau top, a white clutch and nude stilettos.

Speaking about the backlash, Olivia told news.com.au: “I didn’t expect the outfit to be so controversial, but I do know when it comes to weddings and wedding guest attire, everyone has an opinion.”

She believed her outfit was fitting considering the scorching weather and the dress code for the event, not wanting to look too overly formal when this wasn’t asked for.

Olivia also ensured she kept it modest with a few hacks: “I believe pairing it with a plain crop top, with my hair styled down providing extra coverage, maintains the appropriate balance and silhouette suitable for a wedding that has a ‘cocktail dress code’ in 37 degree heat.”

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