Zara & Mike Tindall are an ‘adorning double act’ with ‘sizzling’ body language in new clip

“We know the sizzle between Mike and Zara, with their constant displays of affection and sexual attraction in public, and we also know their capacity for playful fun.

“Mike’s ‘My love’ here sounds genuinely loving but it also seems, like the way he makes a big play of cracking his notes before starting their interview, as though he’s intent on having a bit of a laugh, too.

“‘Hello my love’ is clearly said for the cameras rather than a genuine meeting as they must have been sitting close waiting for the shots to be lined up. His cheeks rise up and go round though and his eyes light up in a way that, despite his obvious cheekiness, show he is clearly delighted in her presence,” Judi noted.

“Zara mirrors his signals of both love and cheeky humour here, returning the term of endearment while delivering an identical grin with an identical lighting up of the eyes as she looks at him.

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