Zara Tindall is ‘confident’ in clothes and wears what she wants

A fashion expert spoke to about Zara’s fashion sense – the former equestrian’s style has evolved over the years, and she has become more confident in herself and her choice of clothes. Recently, Zara has been seen braving short skirts, a look the fashion expert claimed Kate, Princess of Wales “wouldn’t get away with”.

Fashion expert and celebrity stylist Miranda Holder told “According to Zara’s stylist Laura Green, Zara is very confident in her own style and I think this shines through in terms of what she wears.

“Zara takes a no-nonsense approach to fashion and simply wears what she likes and feels good in.

“Her inner confidence shines through, which helps her outfits to look great even when they aren’t necessarily the most flattering. On paper, Zara has had as many fashion hits as she has had misses.”

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Miranda went on to claim that “recently Zara has taken a leaf or two out of Kate Middleton’s style book”.

She continued: “She has stepped out in looks that are significantly more elegant and refined, which look great.

“However, you do get the sense that if Zara wishes to wear it – whether it fits in with royal fashion etiquette or not, she will absolutely wear it, without giving two hoots about what the rest of the world thinks.”

Earlier this month, for a visit to an Australian winery, Zara wore a dress that garnered much attention. It was a blue mini dress called the ‘Lalor Mini Dress in Blue’ by Australian brand Acler, costing £203.


User @myriamoliverbieytes added: “The dress makes Zara look shorter.”

Miranda, however, liked Zara’s choice of dress. She said: “The pale blue dress she wore to the winery visit in my opinion one of her better looks.

“Yes, the skirt is a little short for a royal and Kate would absolutely not be caught dead wearing anything as revealing now that she has become Princess of Wales, but Zara generally comes under less scrutiny and has a fabulous pair of legs, so why not get them out and enjoy them?”

However, although it has been previously reported that it is best that female members of the Royal Family wear longer hemlines, to the knee, many royal fashion “rules” are “myths”, according to Elizabeth Holmes, royal fashion expert and author of HRH: So Many Thoughts on Royal Style. 

“There’s this expectation on how they look with this need to be stylish but sensible, fancy but frugal. It’s a very fine line that they are walking,” Elizabeth told Insider in an interview.

In her book, the author went on to say that while there are some royal style protocols, most of them are not true and are just part of a “broader cultural insistence on sophisticated modesty, an expectation that they be composed and presentable at all times”.

But Elizabeth added that the royals have many stylists who would never allow them to intentionally break a written fashion rule. 

She said: “These women [female royals] are very famous, but they are not celebrities with free agencies. They cannot do or say what they please. They are working on behalf of the family and the Crown.”

However, Zara is a little different to other royals, such as Kate or Sophie, Countess of Wessex, as she doesn’t have a title. 

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