Zara Tindall is ‘protective’ of ‘doting uncle’ King Charles – body language claims

Zara Tindall and King Charles have attended many royal events together. They have always appeared to get on well, and body language expert Judi James shed some light on their relationship.

It is difficult to know what goes on behind closed doors in the Royal Family, as they are famously tight-lipped on personal matters.

However, Judi explained it is clear to see Zara and the King get on well.

“The body language dynamic between Zara and her uncle Charles has been giving joy for many years,” she previously told

Judi analysed various pictures of Zara and the then-Prince over the years and concluded the pair appear to be total opposites.

However, they still manage to show delight in each other’s company.

The expert continued: “If you were to place all the royals on some sliding scale of PDAs and tactile behaviour in public you’d see Charles close to one end as a rather hands-off, stuffy-looking kind of a guy.

“Zara would sit firmly at the other end as the most spontaneous and gloriously-gregarious-looking royal adult.

Zara and the King have not been seen together in public as often since he became head of the monarchy.

However, their evident bond has been shown over many years, Judi suggested, and it is unlikely to have changed.

When King Charles does see Zara, she could be key in helping him relax.

Judi explained: “They might be chalk and cheese, with Charles’s more considered and often anxious-looking body language displays, but it’s Zara whose spontaneous approach wins every time, creating some cautiously jolly responses from Charles.”

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